Tips for Finding Quality Assisted Living Communities

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As older adults age, they may need to consider securing help for day-to-day activities. Moving them into Denver assisted living communities is a good idea, but older adults and those helping them must know what to look for in a proper community. Here are a few tips to help narrow potential options.

Consider Needs & Desires

Not all older adults need the same level of assistance. They can work with their caretaker and adult children to make a list of their desires and needs, such as location, room amenities, community assistance features and safety features. Future residents must also consider their current medical and health conditions and ensure the community they choose has the resources, equipment and personnel necessary to provide them with great care.

Create a Budget

Different communities have different costs, making it essential that adults make a budget. Factors that impact the cost of assisted living include the size of the community, the number of services residents require and hospitality and care services. Some options for covering the cost of assisted living include selling a home, Medicaid/Medicare and veteran assistance.

Ask the Right Questions

While touring a facility, it is vital to ask questions to get a well-rounded idea of the community and its capabilities. Good questions to ask include:

  • Can I come and go as I like?
  • If I need more care or assistance, could I receive that here?
  • How do you bill services?
  • Can I get a contract copy of all the current regulations, rules and fees?
  • If I have to reside in a rehabilitation center or hospital for a few weeks or months, will you hold my residence?
  • What level of background checks and training must the staff meet?

After the tour, it’s good to visit the facility again during the day and night. That way, potential residents can evaluate the night staff and get a feel for the community’s daytime atmosphere.

Older adults deserve the best care and assisted living facilities possible. Hopefully, the above tips help them receive just that.