Home Care Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Care

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Many people think that by hiring outside help it means they don’t care as much about their loved one as they should or that they are somehow shirking their responsibility and taking the easy way out. In truth, it can mean the exact opposite. Enlisting home care Washington DC services can be the solution that allows you to provide support as a friend or family member rather than a healthcare provider. Admitting that you need help, medical or non-medical, can be the first step to ensuring your loved one is taken care of.

Understanding Home Care

There are a wide variety of home care options and services, and they aren’t limited to seeking assistance after an injury or due to an illness. While both of these circumstances would warrant nursing care or physical aid, you may also consider hiring a home care provider for a multitude of other reasons. Services such as companionship or household maintenance are non-medical forms of home care that can give your loved one the added support he or she needs to remain living at home and largely self-sufficient.


Understanding Alternatives

For individuals who have health conditions requiring constant care, a nursing home is a logical conclusion. These facilities generally have around-the-clock staff that can provide the medical expertise needed to keep their patients comfortable and well taken care of. For others, a retirement community or assisted living facility may be an appropriate choice. Residents still have access to aid when needed, but they can maintain a certain level of independence. However, each of these options requires a significant change in lifestyle. Moving from one’s home to an unfamiliar community can be emotional and distressing to an elderly friend or relative.

By hiring a home care expert, you can alleviate the stress of performing multiple roles. This can allow you to get back to supporting your loved one in the way he or she needs it most.