How To Select a Good Charge Capture Software

Physicians have an ever-increasing number of tasks outside the realm of direct patient care. One of these tasks is capturing service information for use in medical claim documents that ultimately result in payment to the physician. This error-prone task has been improved by the use of charge capture software.

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Audit Functionality

Audits are never at the top of a physician’s to-do list. However, having software that can run internal audits as well as generate proactive reports to highlight discrepancies or out-of-date codes can make the process as simple and pain-free as possible. Select a platform that allows for complete transparency of system changes and recommendations within the charge capture program.

Full Integration

Patient care happens in diverse environments and the tools a physician uses should be able to adapt to that.
Utilizing a software solution that has mobile access and full EHR integration can save precious time on tedious documentation tasks. Charge lag time is also an important factor to consider when looking at software integration. Physicians will want to make sure that lag time is kept to a minimum with mobile use.

Simple Interface

Time dedicated to record-keeping is time that isn’t spent on patient care. Quality software solutions should have an intuitive, simple interface that helps speed up the process of submitting professional fees. It is important that generating reports and data files is also a simple and intuitive task so that time is saved by using the software, rather than the software creating additional headaches for the physician and their staff.

Implementing a quality charge capture platform should save physicians time and tedium.
Additionally, choosing the best solution for your practice may result in a boost in revenue. It has been reported that revue can increase by ten percent simply from the addition of this useful software platform.