Protect Yourself on the Job: 3 Unusual Cases that Qualify for Workers Comp

On-the-job injuries may seem like they are relevant only to those in construction or who perform other types of manual labor. However, there are several more subtle injuries and conditions that may qualify for workers’ compensation. Have you experienced one of the following?

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Carpal Tunnel 

Repeated motions can cause strain and stress on joints, ligaments, and tendons. Though all-day lifting or reaching may seem the most likely culprit of workplace injuries, even small actions like typing or writing by hand can cause injuries due to their consistency and repetitiveness. If you have started experiencing pain or discomfort in your hands, wrists, or arms as a result of daylong computer work, you may have a sufficient case for workers’ compensation

Out-of-Office Accidents

Perhaps surprisingly, workers’ compensation often covers accidents that occur outside of the office, if those injuries were sustained during activities that fall within the scope of the employee’s work. If you were substantially injured while travelling for work or visiting an offsite client, you may qualify for coverage. If you are unsure of your rights, speak with your human resources team or google something along the lines of ‘workers’ compensation maitland fl‘ to find out more about the standard practice in your area.

Stress-Related Ailments

In some states, conditions caused by work-related stress are covered under workers’ compensation. Often more difficult to prove, these conditions can range from ulcers to post-traumatic stress. The conditions must be intense enough to impede your ability to effectively complete your job. Speaking with a workers’ comp professional may help you determine whether you can claim benefits from your employer.

When in doubt, it is worthwhile to see whether your recent workplace injury can be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. If you have received an injury that is not treatable by standard first aid, you may qualify.