What to Look for in Recovery Housing

Completing an alcohol or drug rehabilitation program is exhilarating and scary at the same time. You’ve done the hard work; now you need to put it into action in the outside world. Having a place to live that reinforces a sober lifestyle is an important next step and finding a recovery house silver spring md can help solidify those crucial life changes.

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New Social Groups

One of the things that is stressed when people are getting ready to leave rehab is that going back to your old social connections is not a good idea. Find new people with interests and activities that don’t include alcohol or drugs. Spending time with sober people will help you maintain your sobriety and not fall back into old habits. Recovery housing can help you meet other sober people.

Support Organizations

Friends are good, but you need more than that to maintain sobriety. Attending Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotic Anonymous meetings daily can be a lifeline in recovery, especially during the important first year. Finding a place to live that is convenient to meeting locations will help you maintain the habit of going. Meetings are located in many places, especially in cities, and many times meetings and near recovery housing.

A Different Routine

One of the keys to staying sober is to create new routines to help you cope with times when you may encounter the urge to relapse. Creating a new daily routine can help with this. Following a set schedule for waking up, eating meals, exercising, meetings and recreational activities can help alleviate boredom and establish new, healthier habits. Go to new places, make new friends, try new activities to replace old routines with new ones. Finding a new place to live can help as well.

Not returning to familiar people and settings can help maintain recovery and living in a setting that supports a sober lifestyle is an important component.