Teeth Whitening: Fact or Fiction?

The world of teeth whitening can be confusing and misleading. With this cosmetic trend gaining popularity and becoming more affordable, it’s important to separate fact from fiction before investing in your smile. 

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Drugstore Whitening Products Are the Same as Professional Whitening Services: Fiction

The aisles of pharmacies and drugstores are lined with toothpastes and other oral health products promising to give you a professional-quality sparkle from the comfort of your own home. In reality, taking the time to find professional teeth whitening in Brooklyn will not only give you better and brighter results but will also ensure no harm comes to those pearly whites. Furthermore, being cared for by a trained and trusted dental professional can give you an efficient and personalized whitening experience that minimizes the risk of tooth irritation and sensitivity. 

The Most Crucial Part of Whitening Your Teeth Is the Delivery Device: Fact

When it comes to the active ingredients used to lift those unwanted stains, there isn’t much variation between different commercial products. The real results are dependent upon how the whitening agent is applied to the tooth. Although UV lights and boil-and-bite trays are popular, they can’t give you the quality coverage that custom-fitted whitening trays provide. Custom trays make certain that every bit of tooth receives smooth and consistent coverage no matter the size, shape or alignment of your teeth. Better coverage means a better, brighter smile.

Everyone’s Teeth Can Be Perfectly White: Fiction

Unfortunately, genetics may be what’s standing between you and a brilliant set of chompers. While whitening products can remove the damage from even the worst coffee addict’s teeth, they can’t make your teeth any whiter than their natural and original color. Nonetheless, removing what stains have accumulated can be a simple way to refresh and enliven your appearance.

Bringing back the shine to your teeth doesn’t have to be a bewildering or dubious experience. Being able to distinguish myth from fact can get you the comfortable and cost-effective whitening experience you deserve.