Danger of Pulling Armpit Hair

Pulling armpit hair yourself may be your choice for getting smooth underarm skin without expensive costs. Even so, did you know that this action is actually dangerous?

Ingrown Hair: Armpit

In addition to stinging, pulling out armpit hair itself using tweezers can also cause irritation to the skin, usually in the form of small, red lumps. This method can even cause ingrown hairs.

Understand the dangers of pulling underarm hair

So that you are aware that pulling armpit hair itself is dangerous, here are some of the effects that can be caused by these actions:

1. Ingrown feathers

Ingrown hair is a condition in which hair that is supposed to grow out of the skin layer actually re-enters the skin. This usually happens because in the process of extracting underarm hair, the hair is not completely uprooted, or actually broken under the skin.

This condition can be treated with a number of treatment steps that you can take at home. For example, by using steorid creams, topical creams that contain retinoids, or benzoyl peroxide.

Steroid creams can help you overcome the irritation of the underarm skin. Then, topical creams with retinoids or vitamin A are effective for dealing with infections and reducing the growth of inward feathers.

While benzoyl peroxide can overcome papules, pustules, and hyperpigmentation associated with the condition of the underarm hair that grows into.

In addition to using the various creams above, you can also use natural ingredients that can be used to remove dead skin cells, such as coarse salt, sugar, and baking soda.

Although the problem of ingrown hairs can be overcome by itself or by using drugs that are sold in pharmacies, in certain conditions this condition can be a serious condition.

2. Folliculitis

In addition to ingrown hairs, pulling underarm hair can be at risk for folliculitis. Although not dangerous, this condition has the potential to disrupt your activities.

Folliculitis is a condition in which hair follicles or hairs become inflamed. This is usually caused by a fungal or bacterial infection. You are at risk of experiencing this condition if the armpit hair removal process occurs, damage to the follicles.

Symptoms of folliculitis can include pain, itching, small red bumps with white tips, and ruptured pus-filled rashes.

There are several ways you can do to overcome folliculitis because of pulling underarm hair, by cleaning the infected part at least twice a day, then using antibiotic cream.

To reduce itching, you can use hydrocortisone cream. Also, make sure you don’t wear tight clothing and don’t pull out your armpits when this problem occurs.

Another way to get rid of underarm hair

If after the above explanation you feel pulling underarm hair with tweezers becomes more frightening, there are still other ways to get rid of underarm hair you can do.

For example, by using a razor or waxing. If you choose to use a razor, you are advised to also use a shaving cream to avoid the risk of irritation to the skin. Shaving in the bath and underarm skin is clean, it is also recommended to reduce the risk of irritation.

When compared to shaving, waxing can indeed make your armpit hair appear smoother in a longer time. However, this does not mean also from pain and inflammation.

The process of removing underarm hair using waxing is quite painful and risky. The skin can become infected or even ingrown hairs. Therefore, make sure you do waxing in a clean place and done by those who are experienced.


Having armpit hair or not is basically a choice. Because there are no studies that mention the health benefits of pulling underarm hair.

But, if pulling armpit hair is a routine choice for your aesthetic, make sure you do it carefully to avoid the danger above.