Three Conversations to Have With Your Aging Love Ones

As your parents age, it can be difficult to think about them in a different light. Roles change between parents and children later in life, and you may find yourself on the brink of this next chapter feeling uncertain and unprepared. It’s best to have a plan in place long before it’s needed, so here are three conversations to have with your aging loved ones.

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Long Term Residence Plans

Seniors have many options when it comes to where they want to live out the remainder of their days. One possibility is senior housing denver, where they can receive constant care, unique amenities and a community of their peers. If your mother or father wishes to stay in their own home, don’t assume that they will also be able to care for themselves on their own. Decide on home health care options, or discuss the possibility of care from friends and family.

Financial Status and Changes

It’s important to figure out how much your parents have saved for retirement and what they can expect to collect when they begin drawing social security. Compare this to any outstanding debts and their cost of living by going over bank statements and bills for the past three months. Make a financial plan to make sure they will have what they need once they no longer have income from a job.

Goals and Wishes for Their Final Years

While it may be a tough topic, talk to your parents about what it is they truly want out of life in this new phase. Is there somewhere they want to travel that they’ve never been? Are there family members who they haven’t visited in years? Is there a hobby they want to take up or a cause they want to support? Also, take the opportunity to discuss their wishes for funeral and burial arrangements and be sure to revisit every so often in case their desires have changed.

Be sure to speak clearly and directly about these issues with your aging parents. Having a plan in place can provide peace of mind for the future.