Mosquito Bites, Here’s How To Get Rid Of Them

Have you ever been sleeping, but suddenly woke up because of mosquito bites? Yes, small mosquitoes often cause lumps that itch and leave marks, thus disturbing your comfortable sleep.

Only females are known to bite humans, which have long, tube-shaped mouths that can penetrate the skin and feed on blood. These bites often leave scars on the skin.

Here’s how to get rid of mosquito bite marks:

When a mosquito bites, saliva will be injected into the human body while sucking blood. Saliva that contains these proteins is the cause of most people who are bitten by allergies. When the immune system starts working, red bumps and itching will appear.

Ice Compress

Compress using ice is one solution to deal with bite marks. Ice compresses work by giving a cold sensation to inflammation, so when applied to the bite area it will reduce inflammation and uncomfortable itching. However, avoid applying ice directly to the skin and preferably wrap it in a cloth or towel first.

Aloe vera

The next way to get rid of bite marks is to use aloe vera. Quoted from the National Institutes of Health, aloe vera can effectively accelerate healing after the skin is exposed to burns, cuts, or insect bites. By applying aloe vera to the bite site, it can help heal the wound.

Scar Cream

One other way is to use a scar cream. You can get these creams freely in drug stores. The trick, apply the cream to the mosquito bite area and do this method regularly until the mosquito bite marks are completely healed.


Another effective way to get rid of mosquito bite marks is to massage the mosquito bite area. Massaging the mosquito bite area regularly functions to improve blood flow. With smooth blood flow, it can accelerate the production of healthy collagen, thereby reducing the risk of scars appearing.

Using Coconut Oil

Using coconut oil can also be a way to get rid of mosquito bite marks. This method works to keep the bite area moist, which is very important in the wound healing process. By using coconut oil regularly, it can reduce scars on your skin.

Antibacterial Ointment

Antibacterial ointment or what is called bacitracin is an easy and practical way to get rid of mosquito bite marks. To get optimal results, apply the ointment regularly every night before going to bed. This method will reduce the risk of infection while reducing the risk of mosquito bites turning into scars.