Employees Have Until Oct. 7 to Save on Health Insurance in 2023

Have you completed your biometric health screening (or the alternative training) and health risk assessment yet? Don’t miss your chance to save on health insurance in 2023.

Employees who will be covered by an MCPS-provided medical insurance plan in 2023 through Cigna* or Kaiser Permanente can reduce their contributions to health insurance next year by participating in the Wellness Initiatives program. To participate, complete a biometric health screening or the Wellness Initiatives: Biometrics Credit Alternative 2023 Benefit Year training (Course #90899) on Professional Development Online (PDO), by Oct. 7, 2022. For employees who do, MCPS will pay 1 percent more of the total cost of health insurance (medical, prescription, dental and vision) in 2023—reducing the employee’s contribution by 1 percent. Likewise, if you complete your medical insurance plan’s online health risk assessment by Oct. 7, 2022, you can save an additional 1 percent on health insurance in 2023.

For complete information—including instructions for completing the biometric health screening and health risk assessment—visit the Wellness Initiatives webpage. There, you will find links to frequently asked questions, instructions for accessing your medical plan’s health risk assessment, and links to medical plan webpages.

*In 2023, Cigna will replace CareFirst as a benefit plan provider. Learn more.