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It doesn’t matter if your horse is for personal use or you’re looking to take advantage of it for financial gains. You need to make sure you have safeguards in place to protect yourself in case something happens.

Horse insurance will help you do that. Keep reading to learn three benefits you will see when you insure your horse.

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1. Get Reimbursed Upon Death

Nobody wants to think their horse will pass. But it does happen. You need to make sure you’re covered when this happens.

Most horse insurance policies will cover you upon death. If a horse you own happens to die, you’ll get a payout based on the plan you sign up for.

2. Help With Medical Bills

Medical treatment isn’t the cheapest when it comes to horses. There is a lot of specialized knowledge needed to take proper care of them.

If you have a sick horse, these bills can pile up fast. Luckily, horse insurance will help you cover your costs. The only thing you need to pay is your deductible.

3. Loss of Use

If you rely on your horse for a living, you need to protect yourself in the case it can’t perform anymore. These situations can include anything from an injury to death.

Loss of use protection will help you when this happens. You’ll get paid a percentage of your insured horse’s value.

Some policies require you to hand over your horse when this happens. If you don’t want to do this, make sure your insurance doesn’t force this on you.

Don’t Wait to Get Horse Insurance

You can never predict when an accident will happen. If you wait too long to get insured, you could be out of luck when you need help the most. Talk to an insurance company today to learn what your options are.