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Health & Lifestyle Tips

Health TipsWhen I turned severely depressed in my second yr of my ER residency, this disaster compelled me to take a look at my own bodily and mental health holistically. Thank goodness I had this perspective to draw from and radically modified my lifestyle (dancing is a tremendous anti-depressant), as I’d hate to suppose what might have become of me otherwise.

Volunteer. Sometimes volunteering may give you a sense of satisfaction you’ll be able to’t get from work or class work, so get on the market and help others in your group. Try simple over-the-counter remedies. Most viruses leave you feeling depressing but with no recourse in medications that may make them go away. Try out over the counter treatments to assist ease your signs. Take benefit of campus meditation and yoga packages. Many campuses are outfitted with applications that can assist college students get a release from their stresses via …

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